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Mexico University LLC


Mexico University LLC is the result of the organic growth and merger of previously long-established educational experiences operators from Mexico City which are now incorporated under one single company in the USA.

Our origins date back to 1997 when our founder created 30th Century Tours, a company specialized in teaching the world about the 30-centuries-old cultures and traditions of nowadays Mexico. The very first experience that was created followed the steps in the life of then soon-to-be canonized St. Juan Diego and it became an immediate success.

Later, other companies like Mexico at Max, Mexico Walks, Go Man Go!, Mexico CeatY Food Experiences, Gay Guide Mexico and MXC Travel joined the group at different times, supplying their expertise, knowledge, brands and equipment to the group.

Mexico University LLC, has partnered with other educational experience companies like Art'n Sip and Mexicreto in order to advance our coverage and offer of carefully-curated, unique learning experiences. All of our representatives are members of the Mexican Association of Presenters of Objective Experiences, AMEEXPO; Asociación Mexicana de Expositores de Experiencias Objetivas, A.C.

We still remain a group of local entrepreneurs from Mexico City who thrive to show the world the unique and vast history of our city and its surroundings along with their culture, history, arts, traditions and food; from the city's founding by the Aztecs in 1325, through the times of the Spanish Inquisition, to modern times; not in a scientific way but in one that we expect may amuse you.

We invite you to join us in our on-site and online experiences and to take this opportunity to meet other foreigners, nationals and locals in one of our many carefully-curated walks, experiences and adventures.

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