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Privacy Notice


Most Recent Update: June 13, 2023.

In compliance with Mexico’s Federal Law for the Protection of Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals, we are making this Privacy Notice available to you and, in that regard, we inform you of the following:


1 Responsible for Personal Data Protection


Mexico University LLC, (hereinafter “MXU”), whose service address is Avenida José María Pino Suárez No. 1, Centro Histórico, Alcaldía de Cuauhtémoc, 06040 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico, is responsible for the treatment and protection of your personal data (hereinafter “the personal data”).

2 About Our Privacy Officer and How to Contact 

Our Privacy Officer is the person within MXU who, in keeping with Article 30 in the Federal Law for the Protection of Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals, has been officially appointed to:

  • Service requests by customers to exercise their rights

  • Promote and ensure the protection of the personal data in our possession

For everything related to the treatment and protection of personal data, you may contact our Privacy Officer by e mailing:

3 Personal Data We Collect

For the purposes stated in number 4, (four) in this Privacy Notice, we will collect the following personal data categories: (i) Identification; (ii) contact; (iii) physical traits; (iv) property; (v) financial; and (vi) sensitive. Regarding the last category, we inform you that:


3.1 Sensitive Personal Data

We do not collect sensitive personal data through either direct or indirect acquisition means, but only when you personally hand them to us, so that we may provide you appropriate service as regards the means of transportation service. Sensitive personal data we may collect are:

  • Allergies, food allergies and any food that the individual may be intolerant to.

  • Health status of people with a disability and/or reduced mobility

  • Medical conditions to take into consideration in order to be able to participate, in the opinion of the treating physician

  • In the case of pregnant women, information to know their period of pregnancy

For this, we need to have your express written consent by signing this Privacy Notice personally delivered to you. These sensitive data will be treated under strict security measures ensuring your confidentiality, only to comply with the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Notice, and exerting reasonable efforts in order to keep the treatment period of those data down to an indispensable minimum.

3.2 Personal Data of Minors

We inform you that it is especially in our interest to take care of the personal information of minors. Personal data we obtain about minors must be provided without exception by the parent or guardian and will be treated and protected under strict security and confidentiality measures.

3.3 Third Party Personal Data

For the third-party personal data you provide us, you must have previously obtained the consent of the holder of said data and apprise the holder of the site where they may find and read this Privacy Notice in full.

4 Purposes of Treatment of Collected Personal Data


Personal data are collected for the following primary and secondary purposes:

a)     Primary Purposes – These are purposes giving rise to and necessary for the legal relationship between you and MXW and include:

  • Identifying you

  • Providing you with information you request, calculate quotations, book reservations, make purchases, cancellations, changes, and collect due tickets

  • Transportation to the tour sites

  • Notifying you of delays, cancellations, and confirmations

  • Access to selected venues

  • Hotel pick-up

  • Issuing invoices and/or receipts for services provided

  • Answering questions and handling queries via chat or other

  • Fielding clarifications, comments, and complaints related to your experience

  • Buying additional services

  • Preparing contracts

  • Following up on and, if appropriate, paying claims or reimbursements.

  • Issuing compensation vouchers in case of operational irregularities

  • Complying with regulations

  • Contacting you to choose your preferences if needed

As for sensitive personal data, it will be used to document transportation data for an ill person or a pregnant woman and provide them services, such as travel assistance and support, and field special needs and service-reimbursements applications. Also, these data may be used to comply with a legal provision or orders by a competent authority.

b)    Secondary Purposes – Sundry purposes not giving rise to the legal relationship between you and MXW, but still extremely important and useful for:

  • Surveys, evaluation, and follow-up on services provided

  • Offering products, services, and promotions

  • Contacting you by any means to learn your opinion and about your experience

  • Marketing, advertising, commercial prospection

  • Information about our current and new tours and destinations

  • Recording phone calls for service-quality purposes


4.1 Refusing to Have Personal Data Treated for Secondary Purposes

If you do not want your personal data treated for the stated secondary purposes, or any of them, you may deny your consent starting now by sending your application to our Privacy Officer, who will indicate the procedure to follow to exercise your right. Your refusal in this regard cannot be grounds for us to deny you the services and products you request or contact with us.

When we indirectly acquire the personal data, you will have a term of 5 (five) working days to, if you so choose, express your refusal to have the personal data treated for secondary purposes. If you do not do this, we will understand that you consent to have the personal data so treated, without prejudice to your later exercise of your revocation or opposition rights, as indicated in numbers 6 (six) and 7 (seven) in this Privacy Notice.

5 Transfer of Personal Data

In order to comply with the primary purposes stated in number 4 (four) in this Privacy Notice, the personal data may be transferred to the following individuals or entities without legally requiring your consent in terms or Article 37 in the Federal Law for the Protection of Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals: Local, foreign and/or International companies that handle outsourced bookings, collections and other services, in order to provide you with the contracted service and grant you benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Peek and Peek-Pro

  • Airbnb and Airbnb Experiences


  • Tripadvisor and Viator/Tripadvisor Experiences

  • Tourme

  • Get Your Guide

  • EventBrite

  • Boletópolis

  • Government-run companies or government entities we may have performed or be about to perform a contract with that may be in your interest, in order to provide you with the benefits

  • Any venue or transportation mean requiring additional reservations

  • Authorities, in order to comply with the appropriate legal provisions, and also to clarify incidents or to exercise some right

  • Doctors, paramedics, healthcare providers and/or first-responders in case of any accident, medical emergency, or health issue, in order to be able to assist you

If you do not state your refusal to our performing these transfers, we will understand you have granted us your consent. You may state your refusal starting now by e-mailing our Privacy Officer, who will indicate the procedure to follow to exercise your right.

6 ARCO Rights

As provided by the applicable regulations, you have the right to know what personal data we have, what we use them for, and the conditions of use we give them (Access). Also, you have the right to request correction of your personal information in case it is no longer current, accurate, or complete (Rectification); to have us expunge it from our records or databases when you think it is being used inappropriately (Cancellation); and to oppose having your personal data used for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO Rights.

To exercise any of your ARCO rights, you must submit the appropriate application by sending an e-mail addressed to our Privacy Officer, who will inform you about the procedure and requirements to exercise said rights, response deadlines, how we will enforce your right, and will handle any question, complaint, or comment you may have on this regard.


7 Mechanisms and Procedure to Revoke Your Consent

As provided by applicable regulations, you may revoke the consent you may have granted us; however, it is important for you to bear in mind that your application may not be admissible, or we may not be able to cease use immediately in every case, since a legal obligation may require us to continue treating your personal data.

To revoke your consent, you must submit your application by sending an e-mail addressed to our Privacy Officer, who will inform you about the procedure and requirements to exercise this right, response deadlines, how we will enforce your right, and will handle any question, complaint, or comment you may have on this regard.


8 Options Available to the Holder to Limit Use or Disclosure of the Personal Data


Beside the procedure and exercise or the rights mentioned in numbers 6 (six) and 7 (seven) in this Privacy Notice, you may limit use or disclosure of the personal data as follows:

  • For marketing and advertising purposes, you may state your refusal by ticking the “I don’t want to receive mailings” box, which is at the bottom of the e-mails we send you.

  • Also, you may e-mail our Privacy Officer to request registering you in “MXW’s Do-Not-Send-Me-Advertising List”, so we do not use your personal information for promotional, advertising, or marketing purposes.


9 Using Cookies and Web Beacons

We inform you that we have electronic technologies (cookies and web beacons) allowing us to collect data of your activity electronically and simultaneously as you contact us via our website – the data we collect are the following:

  • Information about the type of web browser you use

  • Information about when and how long your stayed on our website

  • What sections you visited in our website

  • Information about the websites you visited before entering

  • Information about the websites you visited after entering

  • Your IP address


The collected data is not necessary to comply with the primary obligations stated in this Privacy Notice; however, they are extremely important and useful for us for the following purposes:

  • E-mailing you about our current and new services

  • Sending you advertising related to your tastes and preferences

  • Sending you information related to our discounts, packages, and promotions

  • Offering you new products, destinations, and services based on your preferences

The collected data will be used exclusively by MXU; consequently, said data will not be transferred nationally or internationally.

You may, at any moment, disable use of these technologies. You may consult the procedure for this in our cookies policy on our website


10 Changes to this Privacy Notice


We reserve the right to make any changes or updates to this privacy notice pursuant to legislative developments, internal policies, or new requirements to provide or offer our services or products. The updated version will be made available to the public by the following means:

  • On our webpage, which we suggest you visit often

  • We can send it to the last e-mail you have provided us

The procedure for Internet notification is as follows: (i) visit our website – if there are any changes or updates from the current Privacy Notice, there will be a notice letting you know; (ii) access the Privacy Notice link; and (iii) there you will find the current version with the date of the most recent update.


11 Improper Treatment of the Personal Data


If you think your right to the protection of the personal data has been violated by any behavior or omission by us, or you presume any violation to the provisions in the Federal Law for the Protection of Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals, its Regulations and other applicable provisions, you may file a complaint with the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and Data (INAI). For further information, we suggest visiting their official website,

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