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We pride ourselves in being one of the best tour operators in Mexico. In order to keep our excellent reputation of SMALL GROUPS, EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, CURATED PATHS, SPECIALTY TOPICS, AWARD-WINNING, PRIVACY, and LUXURY, we have to abide by the following:


1 When do experiences begin?


They start on the dot at the published time. Private or public experiences cannot be moved because they will overlap with others and may leave our hosts without lunch or breaks, getting late to their next shift.


2 Where is the meeting point?


The meeting points are right at the door marked with the number of the specific address. They are not "around the corner," "at another door," or anything from imagination and not in writing. They all are right at the door marked with the addresses' number and are nearby or next door to well known monuments. 

For those with pick-up service at your accommodations, the meeting point will be on the sidewalk, by the curb of the main entrance to your place. We do not search for people or do room calls. Please check your reservation for specific instructions.


3 Who do we call in case of an emergency involving health or property?


Please call 911 immediately and get help. Then please let us know so that we can help you with the follow-up at +525513552122.


4 Who do we call in case we are late or need changes?


Please call +525513552122. Please call before the event begins as we do not interrupt our experiences to take calls or messages. Please be aware that we may be busy in another experience.


5 Will we be refunded if someone or all cannot show up?


Please review our full cancellation policy for specifics. In all cases, refunds will not be given within 24 hours of the beginning of the experience. No exceptions.


6 Will you call us back?


We are based in Mexico City. We have FULL North American coverage with AT&T. We only call numbers starting with +52 (Mexico) or +1 (Canada and the US). Please be aware that if you do not have roaming coverage in Mexico, carrier charges will apply even while just answering in Mexico. We do not call other countries. In these cases we may call you over Internet's WiFi from our number +525513552122. Otherwise please email us at 


7 Do you have insurance?


We are only covered for very specific cases under the policies of our resellers like Tripadvisor, Viator, Airbnb, and others. Please check with your reseller. All of our land vehicles have insurance for any physical damage incurred. The rest of the time you are not covered and agree to take our services at your own risk.


8 Do we have time to take more than one experience in the same day?


If the times of your experiences overlap, no, you do not have time. If your times don't overlap, please make sure that you have at least one hour to get from one experience to the next. There are apps that may guide you, like Google Maps, Waze and many others. Please be self aware of your schedule as Mexico City is one of the largest and most important cities in the world and transfer times may be unpredictable.


9 Can we bring our children under 18?


You will have to negotiate this one with us. While all of our alcohol-tasting and LGBTQ+ experiences are absolutely restricted to minors, we know that there are very well behaved kids for the others. You need to talk to us before buying tickets, and then, if we authorize their visit, and even if authorized, we may terminate the experience at any moment without any responsibility for us, at the very first grave interruption from them. This includes diaper changing, tantrums, excess restroom stops and many others.


10 Where will I be picked up?


You will be picked up only when you purchase our day tours, day trips or transfers and only if you have provided us previously with an address, for all other experiences you will have to get to the meeting point.

Our pick up service is available only for accommodations in the following 'demarcaciones políticas' (boroughs, alcaldías, municipalities or counties, inside Mexico City limits):

Cuauhtemoc, Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juarez, Coyoacan, Alvaro Obregon, Venustiano Carranza, and Cuajimalpa.


11 Which language are our experiences given in?


Experiences are given in one language and one language only. Repeating the same information in more than one language doubles the time, and ruins the enjoyment. Experiences are given in the same language of your reservation page. If the experience title is in English, English will be used. If the experience title is in Spanish, Spanish will be used.


12 Can we eat the food, drink the water?


If Mexican food and water were not edible or drinkable, some of our 25 million yearly visitors would have already died, and non have, from neither food or water. Unfortunately you will be at the site of one of the most delicious cuisines in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage by itself, so please be careful at eating foods your system is not used to. The same for drinking, it is not the excess water but the excess tequila and excess mezcal.


13 How long does it take us to go from one place to another in Mexico City?


In normal traffic, please allow at least one hour before coming to our experience, or between the end of our experience and your next destination. Please check your traffic app in advance as times may change abruptly.


14 Is our destination a tourist trap?


None of our destinations are tourist traps like are not the Tower of London, the Louvre or Niagara Falls. We pride ourselves on not taking you to any specific store or pushing any kind of sale. We do not take commissions, not even from our providers.


15 Is our experience packed full with activities and rushed between visits?


We excel at keeping our experiences at a leisurely pace and with enough time, even if you want to spend some extra time by yourselves.


16 Do you host guests with special needs or on wheelchairs or special vehicles?


We always do our best to accommodate everyone by providing specially designed experiences. Unfortunately, even if Mexico City has some of the most advanced building codes and regulations, a 700 year-old city will always be full of obstacles and challenges. Please contact us at and inquire about your topic of interest and let us know of your special requirements. We offer special experiences for everyone.

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